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Debbie Walker has created a vision for an alternative lifestyle for active seniors. Her vision incorporates the needs and wants for an improved quality of life for 55+ by developing an "active living" environment, while standard community models simply promote "assisted living".

In developing a good working understanding of the housing options for seniors, Ms. Walker identified that active living and a supportive environment provide for an improved attitude and happiness for the aging individual.

The result is a Pilot Project called "The OASIS Village", which will be built by Debbie Walker and meets these quality of life issues while delivering sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. The OASIS Village  helps launch two unique programs that merge sustainable and automated home design within a unique lifestyle community living option for seniors in a sustainable agricultural setting.

The OASIS Village is an opportunity to showcase seniors and families involved in a sustainable and nurturing environment constructed to SAFERhome Standards Society requirements. This project will be a home for seniors who wish to live a healthier and more productive, independent lifestyle. This "housing model" will adapt to any changes required to address their own personal needs. As such, this program creates an alternative to the warehousing of seniors in an urban setting where their lifestyle and dignity as producing members of society are compromised.

This project can become a wonderful accessible and universal platform for the community to interact directly with government and other institutes. We will be able to deliver real and tangible solutions that the social and market housing bodies can adopt and easily implement into the ongoing development of our future communities.

It takes a village to raise a community.

The OASIS Village is the answer that can accomplish just that by addressing the needs of the individual in an aging population and communities-at-large.

We need an OASIS in every Community!!!



Feb 16, 2011

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